Beth Roberts, Judith Irwin and Kent Jolly

In the Garden, August 2015 Show

August 4 — August 31

Opening Reception: Saturday, Aug. 8th 5-7pm

Participating Artist: Kent Jolly, Beth Roberts and Judith T. Irwin


Gardens are many things at once. They are set aside for cultivation and shaped by the conditions of nature, which goes beyond its border. They are integrations of living elements and landforms and the evidence of work by human hands. Gardens are fleeting, changing slowly enough to seem still. They are places we meet, play, work and think. The artworks in this show are impressions, observations and reflections on and in the garden.

Sue Galaviz

I Expected Flowers

July 3 — August 2

Opening Reception: Saturday,  July 11, 5-7pm

Participating Artists: John Palega, Sue Galaviz, C.S.Novus, Daniel Velasco

Tattoos convey spirit- from the essence of humor and erotic, to existential and political- and they are transitioning into the mainstream as an artform. Tattoo artists craft, punctuate and celebrate the wearer’s vision in tandem with their skill, style and personal histories.

The choice to endow oneself with permanent ink (or not) s can be seen as a statement  The artists showing in I Expected Flowers offer viewers the opportunity to  enjoy the variety of creative endeavors and discipline each displays in their work…  No commitment to skin is necessary!  

As a goal, the gallery establishes and maintains a deep connection with the entirety of the surrounding community. To embrace a group of people that are typically overlooked by major galleries the gallery is excited to give the artists, and the subject matter, a platform for open expression, questioning, and education.