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Anya Sophe Behn: Dreaming Space

Show Dates: July 3rd-31st
Artist Reception: Sat. July 9th, 5-7pm

Anya Sophe Behn’s work in metal and wire explores the concept of the self and space. Her figurative wire sculptures border on realism and serve to transport the viewer into Behn’s conceptual world.

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Leah Tumerman: Variations on a Flying Thing

Show Dates: May 17 – July 31
Showing at: Grove Salon, 1483 Solano Avenue, Albany CA 94706

Abrams Claghorn is staging an exhibition for eight weeks at Grove Salon, a local fixture on Solano ave., featuring the whimsical works of Leah Tumerman.

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Upcoming Workshops

Workshop: Hellenmae: The Figure in Ink

Sunday, September 18th, 11am-2pm

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Upcoming Exhibits

Amber Imrie-Situnayake: It’ll Do Rd.

Show Dates: August 3rd-31st
Artist Reception: Sat. August 13th, 5-7pm

The work for It’lld Do Rd. explores the blurred edge between the domesticated and the wild. It is a collection of work spanning the last two years for the artist, with the bulk of the show being shown for the first time. In It’ll Do Rd, Amber explores her homeland through different fibrous mediums. The show includes a video/ performance piece, wall works, and an interactive installation.  

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Pamela Blotner: Menacing Beauty

Show Dates: September 3 – 30th
Artist Reception: Sat. September 10th, 5-7pm

Pamela Blotner’s Menacing Beauty at its’ heart is an exhibit created to instill a love, appreciation and, ultimately, a desire to preserve wild spaces and animals. Inspired from her own travels around the globe, this show highlights Blotner’s own deep belief in land and species conservation.