Audrey Jones has worked with traditional photographic techniques since 1996. She received her B.F.A. in Photography at the University of Georgia in Athens. After graduating, she worked in New York City in various photography studios and businesses.

Since moving to the Bay Area, Audrey has worked more in photographic educational facilities. She has been leading workshops since 2005 and as worked one- on-one with students from 10yrs – 50+. She has also led workshops with the Berkeley Art Studio, German International School of Silicon Valley, Cathedral School for Boys, Urban High School, Lyft, and Adobe. Jones has also been a regular instructor for RayKo’s education program since 2008.

Jones appreciates and enjoys the more hands on elements the darkroom offers from B&W film processing to Color printing. She shoots with a multitude of film cameras including plastic cameras, 35mm, and medium format.

The current collection for Abrams Claghorn, called Tinder Diaries is a collection of daily conversations and observation she has on the dating site Tinder. Other drawing projects include a sketchbook project called “First thing in the morning, last thing at night.”. This sketchbook is now part of a permanent collection through the Art House Co-Op’s sketchbook project at the Brooklyn Art Library. Jones also has shown her photography in a variety of galleries across the states.