Raffle for One Year Anniversary

In celebration of our one year anniversary, we are raffling off two great prize packages! Click to learn more and enter here!

Dual Solo Shows; Anna Vaughan: “My Darling,” and Michelle Gregor: “Tributary”

Abrams Claghorn is hosting two innovative artists for the April showcase. Anna Vaughan and Michelle Gregor create their work outside traditional boundaries, bringing a contemporary view to the tradition of figurative sculpture.

The Fastest, Longest Year

I learned that the Albany Arts Gallery was for sale almost exactly a year ago.

Rainy, Cloudy Sunday at Abrams Claghorn

As I sit reflecting on this wonderful crisp fall day, my thoughts keep leading me to Monet and his waterlilies.

Thoughts about our Planet Earth in “Bumpy Terrain”

Have you ever walked into a gallery and immediately exclaimed “what’s that?!” Walking into Abrams Claghorn Gallery this October has elicited many “what’s that?!” moments from almost everyone who’s seen the shown. To say that these sculptures require some contextualization to understand is a bit of an understatement.