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facets: The Art of Julianne Wallace Sterling

Show dates: December 3, 2019 –  January 15, 2020

Reception: December 14, 5pm – 7pm

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Upcoming Exhibitions


Show dates: Febuaury 1 – Febuaury 29

Reception: February 8, 5pm – 7pm

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Art Makers Join Us

How to Photograph Your Work with David Wolf

Thursday evening from 6-8pm

December 12th 6 – 8pm
February 6th 6 – 8pm

Price: $60

Workshop Description
The first time someone sees your art will most likely be through a reproduction, not in person. Whether you’re applying to prestigious grants or simply want to gain more followers on Instagram, this course will help you make a good first impression. We’ll cover the nuts & bolts of how to get accurate depictions of 2D, 3D & Site-specific artworks. You’ll gain a fundamental understanding of framing the subject, proper exposure, lighting options and formatting the final files. We’ll also discuss the benefits of specific accessories and ways to “cheat” to save money throughout the process.

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Showing At Grove Salon – 1483 Solano Ave, Albany, CA

Lorraine Lerman

Showing at Grove Salon

Show Dates: October 18 – TBA

Showing at Nubo Spa – 379 Colusa Ave Berkeley CA 94707

Alison Moncrieff

Showing at Nubo Spa

Show Dates: October 18 – TBA