Current Art Exhibitions

“Soft Science”

Showing: March 5 – 28

Reception: Saturday, March 9, 5 – 7pm

Soft Science

The dominant narrative of our culture equates softness with weakness, impotence, and inaction. To be soft in one’s character suggests a distastefully tentative or passive nature; as a simple mechanism of language, the implication is generally lesser-than/‘lite,’ or too nebulous to be credible, in comparison to a solid counterpart (see: “soft opening,” “soft skills,” and of course, “hard science”). Considering this alongside the very real cultural binary of associating softness-as-feminine, hardness-as-masculine, it begs the question of not only why we are so firmly bent in this slant, but how it serves us.

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Showing At Grove Salon – 1483 Solano Ave, Albany, CA

Gina Papen

Showing: February 18th – TBA

at Grove Salon

Showing at Salon 1757 – 1757 Solano Ave, Berkeley, CA

Kieren Dutcher

Showing: January 15 – March 1st

Next Workshop Event

Melissa Coffey Self Care Aware: Essential Oils & Emotions Workshop

Wednesday, March 6
5 pm -6 pm
Description: Self Care Aware: Essential Oils & Emotions Self care is the practice of being mindful about your body and how you feel. It’s about checking in with yourself and giving yourself care to help you feel better.