Current Art Exhibitions

Visions of Democracy

Co-Curated by Mary Martin DeShaw, Holly Wallace, Nancy Rubin, Carol Thomas, and Becky Jaffe

Showing: December 4 – January 29

Reception: Saturday, December 8, 5 – 7pm

In these times of cultural and political upheaval, democracy is at stake. This exhibit is a photographic exploration of what defines, strengthens and sustains a healthy democracy even in chaotic times. It showcases artistic interpretations of our evolving democracy, re-visioning foundational principles such as basic human rights, separation of powers, freedom of opinion, religious liberty, equality under the law, and governmental ethics. Who are “We the People” becoming? Join us for a photographic inquiry into the State of our Union.

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Showing At Grove Salon – 1483 Solano Ave, Albany, CA

Modern Art

Comfort & Joy: Ceci Bowman

Showing: November 16 – TBA

at Grove Salon

Showing at Salon 1757 – 1757 Solano Ave, Berkeley, CA

Nicole Rubio

Showing: November 16 – January 15

Current Events

January is time for our 2nd Annual Seconds & Clearance Items Sale! Hundreds of items by local favorites will be available! Participating artists include:
Aimee Bosschart
Carolyn Buck Reynolds
Sachiko Campe
Natasha Dikareva
Becky Jaffe
Tomoko Jarrell
Josie Jurczenia
Bruno Kark
Esther Lerman
Lynne Meade
Daniel Pacific
Lauren Pedersen
Brenda Soi
Clayton Thiel