When Lexi Daly was five years old her grandmother gave her a huge box of plastic beads.  She fell in love with these tiny objects that came in so many shapes and colors.  A few years later she started to teach herself to weave with tiny beads on a loom.  Lexi then spent the next ten years teaching herself traditional bead weaving techniques from all over the world.  She started selling this beaded jewelry at 16 and decided to go to college for jewelry design.

While working towards her Fine Art Degree, Lexi became aware of the environmental and humanitarian issues created by the jewelry and fashion industry.  She could not reconcile being a jeweler and contributing to these issues, so she decided to create jewelry that focuses on bringing awareness to how our actions – what we wear, buy, and throw in the trash – affect the entire planet.

Lexi Daly’s sculptural jewelry pieces are functional, comfortable, wearable art.  They are not only beautiful in and of themselves, but her hope is the wearer will feel beautiful, confident, and proud to be participating in promoting sustainability.  Each piece is created to promote consciousness, and educate viewers on the negative environmental and humanitarian impacts of the “material”

Her fold n stitch line is made from recycled silver and uses her self taught bead weaving skills in unique ways.  They are everyday wearable statements that support a the shift towards a sustainable jewelry industry.