Reception : Saturday, August 28th, 6-8pm, Grove Salon : 1483 Solano Ave Albany CA 94706

Showing : August 23rd – Oct 15th

Abrams Claghorn is proud to continue collaborating with Grove Salon for our second show at their award-winning salon.
The building blocks of life is DNA, but to Rena Charles personality, mood, and temperament, makes up “thought” DNA the real building blocks of life. Each living thing has a personality that can change with the passing of a day, the change of a season or with the passage of years. Recognizing these inherent personalities is what drives Charles to create. To her, there is an allure to painting trees because she can strongly sense and suss out each tree’s personality.
Her fascination with painting trees has transformed into a need to capture their individual expressions and moods. The trees Charles paints all exist in the same world fictional world and share the same root system, but much like humans, it is their “thought” DNA that separates, and yet, unifies them.
Don’t miss a fun opportunity to see these whimsical works by tree painter specialist, Rena Charles, at the appropriately named Grove Salon. Be sure to meet and share a glass of wine with the artist, Rena Charles, at the Tree-N-A reception.
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