Showing: Sunday April 15, 3 – 6 pm.

hosted by Abrams Claghorn Gallery and Artists Beyond Boundaries

About Sittwe Film:

Sittwe gives voice to two teenagers separated by conflict and segregation in Burma’s Rakhine state, Phyu Phyu Than, a Rohingya girl and Aung San Myint, a Buddhist boy. Filmed over two years, the youth share their ideas about mutual fear between their communities and the hope of reconciliation.

Sittwe was produced with the Burmese NGO, Smile Education and Development Foundation as a tool for facilitated discussions about peacebuilding in Burma.

Sittwe was banned from its slated premiere at the Human Rights, Human Dignity International Film Festival in Yangon by the Myanmar Censor Board and later premiered at the Freedom Film Festival in Malaysia where it was awarded the Best Southeast Asia Short Documentary.

About Mother, Daughter Sister Documentary (Work-In-Progress):

Amae, Thamee, Ama (Mother, Daughter, Sister), is a short documentary film and advocacy project about the Burmese military’s practice of using rape as a weapon of war to subjugate ethnic women and how the survivors and families pursue their quest for justice.

The film revolves around the stories of Rohingya women living in the refugee camp in Bangladesh and Kachin women affected by conflict in northern Burma.

Mother, Daughter, Sister is produced in partnership with Smile Education and Development Foundation (SEDF) in Yangon. SEDF founder Myo Win is the 2018 recipient of the Clive Snow Social Justice award.

About Jeanne Marie Hallacy:

Jeanne Hallacy’s award-winning documentary films shed light on human rights and social justice issues.

Her titles include; Sittwe (2017), This Kind of Love (2015), Into the Current: Burma’s Political Prisoners (2012), No Women, No Peace (2008), Mercy (meddah) (2001) and Burma Diary (1997). Hallacy’s films are distributed by Documentary Educational Resources and Kanopy.

Based in Southeast Asia for decades, she worked with AsiaWorks Television, a regional production company to produce feature news for global broadcasters and advocacy videos for United Nations agencies.

Hallacy directs InSIGHT OUT!, a photo storytelling program that trains youth in conflict and post-disaster areas to tell their own stories.

Hallacy directs InSIGHT OUT!, an award-winning photo storytelling program that trains youth in conflict and post-disaster areas to tell their own stories. Her role entails grant writing, staff supervision, budget management and donor relations.