As a child Christine Sekino spent a lot of time drawing and making things. She always dreamed of becoming an artist and living a romantic, carefree artist’s life. So at 19, Sekino set off to New York City to study at the Art Students’ League. For Sekino, New York turned out to be too cold, too wet, and too expensive. She returned to the sunny shores of California to study painting at the San Francisco Art Institute. It was during this change that something clicked for Sekino and she discovered that making art and making a living are two different things.

Years passed like this for her until she eventually started to create again. This time around her art was more sculptural and more for herself then for an audience. This collection of jewelry from Christie Sekino showcases her many years of experimentation and her wide knowledge of many artistic mediums such as metal clay, copper, bronze, enamel, with a healthy dose of patience! Sekino is drawn to opposites; light and dark, rough and smooth, an analogy for her own life.