Artist Bio

Born by candle light on the Island of La Palma to vagabond parents, Nieves doesn’t remember hitchhiking across Europe as a baby–but her nomadic youth is unforgettable. For the better part of her childhood, Nieves traveled the West Coast with pack donkeys alongside her father, a folk musician and renegade intellectual. Because of her upbringing in the counterculture, Nieves became acquainted with alternative therapies at a young age. Her earliest career goal was to become an herbal healer, and in her late teens she became interested in aromatherapy. She has now been in the natural products industry for 20 years

Artist Statement

Skin care doesn’t have to be complicated. It just has to be fabulous!

And it should also meet my exacting standards: I make just a few products, each one multi-functional and great for most skin types. My ingredients are powerful, simple, vegan, and organic when possible. My process is a blend of science, passion, and common sense. I never put out a product until I absolutely love its look, feel, aroma, and effectiveness.

To me, environmental awareness and social justice aren’t just things you tack onto your corporate philosophy. They are the foundation. That’s why everything is made by hand, in-house with local labor, using low-footprint, recyclable packaging.