Artist Bio

For me, creating is all about connection. The deeper I get into creating, the deeper I drop into and connect with my open, uninhibited, and authentic self. Be it a pairing of intense colors, bold brush strokes, or subtle mark making – I want to convey an energy and emotion to connect with the viewer. I draw inspiration from the colors and forms found in nature and from artists such as De Kooning, Pollock, and Van Gogh

Artist Statement

I love the first signs of spring; the emergence of change and new growth. These prominent pinks, reds, and violets were inspired not only by the colors associated with this time of year, but also by an incredible pink sapphire stone posted on a friend’s social media site. The larger pieces pay homage to the flowering Japanese Plum growing outside my studio window. The bright hues pop off the black forms just as the early blossoms dot stark branches. In all of these pieces, I want to invite the viewer in to see and feel a bright yet calming sense of openness.