Life as Potential

In the gallery October 4 – 29, 2018

“The most effective representation of the ideas of life’s path and potential can be found in a simple tree branch. In the process of development, it selects a path out of multitude and each choice contains new alternatives. I started noticing branching structures all around me. A very straightforward observation, that became the impetus behind the ‘Transfusion’ series, was focused on the fact that everything — from a body to a culture — contains such branching structures, both literally and symbolically. To me it was an evidence of a transfused potential, that seems to be the foundational quality of our reality.” – Ana Maria Gower

Artist Bio and Statement

Ana Maria Gower is a Serbian-British mixed media artist studying the delicate fabric of memories, time, and physical body through her art.

She’s inspired by memories, the past, her path of life, organic textures, unusual materials, and the human body, Ana Maria’s work tries to depict an encounter with the forces of life, interpret it, often,  from the expressionist point of view, and present a distilled meaning to the public.

She’s a graduate of Central Saint-Martins, she participated in numerous exhibitions in the UK, Serbia, and the United States.

She currently lives and works in San Francisco Bay Area.