Artist Bio

The  digital, color and black and white photographs follow my travels through San Francisco, London, India and Mojave Desert in Ca.

Aged architecture, historic sites and light falling on city streets at night echo a timeless and thoughtful moment in otherwise mundane seeming subjects but my subjects are captured as an echo in my heart, feasting on beauty available that is always there which only requires focus and perspective.

I fall into my subjects like a playland, sweeping each scene, admiring each perspective until I feel the essence has really been revealed. Most of these photos have been during impromptu exploration and leave me feeling like I have really experienced each city and location. A fun note about the abandoned hallway and stairwell with light cast on crumbling shutters (graffiti on wall) along with image of abandoned bathroom and separate image of abandoned antique yellow window frames within frames is that they belong to the ashram of Maharishi Mahesh. Affectionately coined, “Beatles Ashram”, The Beatles stayed here for several months in 1968 to learn transcendental meditation, inspiring their eastern influence in their music during this time. All of my photos have an electric memory behind them that make me grateful for photography.