Anya Sophe Behn: Dreaming Space

Dreaming Space

The You The Me The We

Considering internal and external space.

In the mental




freedom of dream


Thinking about neuro-social connections.

Self    other    them   us.

We are them.

  • Anya Sophe Behn, 2016

Dreaming Space

a solo show by Anya Sophe Behn

July 3-31, 2016

With Dreaming Space, Anya Sophe Behn has created a safe environment to ponder one’s own thoughts and dreams, thereby allowing the viewer to draw connections to their conscious and subconscious.

Inspired by neurological pathways and communication technologies, these tangled masses elucidate the concealed networks both within and outside the human form. Behn conceptualized the wire sculptures by drawing from sketches that came to her after waking from a dream. It is these two worlds that Behn is hoping to connect: the imagined, dreaming spaces of our mind to the reality of our bodies and the world around us, both as individuals and as a global community.

Behn often ponders how we form connections to others, given the vast differences from person to person, community to community. She has hopes to live in an evolved world; where colonist-capitalism ceases to create immense social and economic gaps between communities, and internal and physical differences are respected, grown, and folded into the patterns of a working, supportive, local community.

While each visitors’ experience will be unique, through individual exploration, we are connected.