Artist Bio

I am Athena of Athena Craig Designs. I was born in Southern California into a family of artists. The San Francisco Bay Area has been my home for many years now. Living in such a place and traveling through our beautiful state has given me much inspiration for my designs. Along with jewelry-making, I work in Special Education in the public schools and am deeply involved with family life. When my daughter left for college, I took over half her bedroom and made myself a studio. Since then, I’ve spent countless hours creating.

Artist Statement

“I use only three elements/compounds in my current designs: Aluminum, Sterling Silver and Glass.

For me, with jewelry, metals are the most fun and rewarding to work with. Although unconventional, I enjoy being able to create a final metal product without using heat.

Aluminum is my metal of choice. It is softer than other metals and looks great with sterling silver. The aluminum does not tarnish and is ultra-lightweight. Aluminum is the earth’s third most abundant element!

All my pieces are hand sawed, filed, drilled, sanded and assembled by me. Each piece is unique. Although I take great care to make paired earrings match each other closely, you will never find any two pieces exactly alike.

Wearing my designs has proven to be a fun experience. They can accentuate an evening of dressing up, complement a lazy jean-wearing day, and can add extra character when in your everyday active wear. In all instances, they are ultra-light, comfortable and eye-catching.”