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Have You Heard Us Yet?: New exhibit at Abrams Claghorn Gallery addresses long simmering women’s issues

For the first time, Abrams Claghorn Gallery will be showcasing 10 local writers and 16 Bay Area artists, collaborating but having never met. This display of poetry and visual art encompasses women’s hopes for 2018.

Albany High Students Talk About Art and Life

“I always hope to capture either some part of the person’s personality or some of their backstory. I think by doing so it makes the photo so much more meaningful to me and the subjects in the photograph.” – Maya Bloemhard


Local Artists and Makers Find a Welcome Home in Abrams Claghorn Gallery by Story Studio for SF Chronicle

The Abrams Claghorn Gallery will continue to push to be a place where under the radar, under represented artists can have their voices heard and their work seen by their local community, continuing the rich tradition of the locale.

Interview with Albany High School Art Instructor Aliza Cohen

Aliza Cohen has an important job in our community. As an artist and educator, Aliza is teaching the Albany youth how to express themselves, find their voice, and visually represent it. This years fourth annual Albany High School Art Showcase will display more than 25 student artworks in the gallery.

Interview: GEORGIA CARBONE by Abrams Claghorn Gallery

A fascinating interview by the Abrams Claghorn Gallery with artist Georgia Carbone for her show Healing Images: A Prescription For America, showing February 6 – March 4, Artist Talk Tues. Feb. 27, 5-7pm

Wellness Month Practitioner Spotlight with your local Licensed Massage Therapist, Melissa Coffey.

Coffey will be conducting a workshop at Abrams Claghorn Gallery this Friday, February 23rd to talk about the benefits of essential oils and how they can be integrated into a self-care regimen.

Yoga in the gallery during Wellness Month this February 2018

Wellness Month is a series of workshops and events emphasizing the importance of mind, body, spirit. As a part of this series, Abrams Claghorn Staff Member, visual artist and certified yoga instructor Megan Weirich, will be hosting Wednesday morning Vinyasa Flow Yoga sessions at 8:30 am consecutively. Please join us in the gallery for a class.

Wellness Month Sound Bath & Reiki Healing Experience

Buffa still regards herself very much as an artist, who has committed herself professionally to sound healing. She believes workshop participants will walk away from her session with a tool that can be integrated into their daily lives.

The Gallery is opening its doors beyond the building for the Artisans and Art Fair.

Find us and 20 other local, resident artists and craftspeople filling the green lot next to the gallery this coming July 22!

A Fable Without Words Weaves It’s Magic On The Gallery Walls

It is a pleasure to have Doug Lawler’s “The Island of Za” in the gallery! A fable in three parts, told through dry point etchings, the series is inspiring, heartwarming, and thought provoking.

Mother’s Day Floral Arrangements and Workshops with Tomoko Jarrell of Tomobi Floral Arts

This Mother’s Day give a unique one of a kind gift. Tomoko Jarrell of Tomobi Floral Arts is back to help you “Build Your Own Box” or learn the art of floral arranging in her special workshop for mothers and daughters.

Body Continuum: Artist Talk April 8, 5 – 7pm

Most of us only experience art as a finished product. We never see the spaces artist exist in, or see first-hand, the decision process as a work of art evolves.

Body Continuum Artist Spotlight ANNA VAUGHAN

This is Anna Vaughan’s third time exhibiting for Abrams Claghorn Gallery. We are delighted to have her work for our group show, Body Continnum, which focuses on individual artist’s expressions regarding the body.

Body Continuum Artist Spotlight EDITH GARCIA

Garcia works with ceramics to record her unique, individual life experience. The small things that transpire each day, addressing contemporaneous issues specific to the human condition and she grafts them onto site-specific installations and sculptures.

The Fashion Conversation Interview with Sana Aloui: Imagining Americana

In the next 10 years I would love to work for many designers that I respect and learn more about production processes in textiles and sustainability.

Natasha Dikareva: Artist Talk, Nov. 2015

With our newest solo show, Enter & Escape, we wanted to delve deeper into the inspiration behind her Escapist and Shell Dweller series. In this video, recorded last November at Abrams Claghorn Gallery, she discusses the meaning and reasoning behind her artworks.

Elizabeth Addison in Conversation p1

Starting, October 3 (through the 31st), Addison’s latest work, They Come from Outer Space, will be exhibited at our gallery. This is her second time participating in a show with us, and a good friend of the gallery.

Someone made this cup?! Observations of a novice ceramic appreciator.

Until I started managing the Abrams Claghorn Gallery, I did not think much about ceramics, beyond the plates and cups I purchased at Target.

Interview with Pamela Blotner, by Chelsea Thompson

A great interview by the Abrams Claghorn Gallery of artist/activist Pamela Blotner for her show Menacing Beauty, showing Sept 3 – 30th, Reception Sat. Sept. 10th, 5-7pm

Seek Fine Art

We are so proud and excited to be apart of Seek Fine Art a wonderful app and website that caters to art-centric people!

Interview with Amber Imrie-Situnayake

Danielle Schlunegger-Warner takes time to sit down with August artist, Amber Imrie-Situnayake to discuss her show, techniques and thoughts on her most current body of work.

Some thoughts on a hot day in July

How we are adapting to the changing marketplace, and what’s new in the gallery and in the store

Video Interview Abrams Claghorn Owner, Robert Abrams by Pro Arts!

I realized I don’t have the temperament to create the same object over and over again, and my work was really leaning more towards sculptural, more conceptual…If they’re not going to use the bowl they bought from me, displaying it instead, then why make it functional at all?

Abrams Claghorn East Bay Express Interview

With the world at everyone’s fingertips, our challenge is to keep our community focused on their artist and small business neighbors.

Jennifer Brazelton: Artist Talk Video

Artist Jennifer Brazelton wants you to experience nationalism in new and unexpected ways. For the past three years she has been creating sculptures using maps of nations whose shapes are altered by human population data.

Anna Vaughan and the Mural

Anna Vaughan has been a fixture at the Abrams Claghorn Gallery since our grand opening on April 11th, 2015. Starting that summer, Anna painted the mural that now lives on the east side of the gallery building, facing the Bart tracks.

Raffle for One Year Anniversary

In celebration of our one year anniversary, we are raffling off two great prize packages! Click to learn more and enter here!


Pamela Blotner and Elizabeth Addison curated “Crossing To Safety” at the Abrams Claghorn Gallery this March; a show of eleven Bay Area artists addressing immigration, environmentalism, colonization, refugee struggles and gentrification.

Dual Solo Shows; Anna Vaughan: “My Darling,” and Michelle Gregor: “Tributary”

Abrams Claghorn is hosting two innovative artists for the April showcase. Anna Vaughan and Michelle Gregor create their work outside traditional boundaries, bringing a contemporary view to the tradition of figurative sculpture.

Interview: JUDY SHINTANI, by Anna Vaughan

As a cultural narrator, Judy Shintani focuses on remembrance, connection, and storytelling. She works with organic and recycled materials, textiles, ethnic remnants, paint, and video.

Becky Jaffe, Artist Talk Video

Late last year we had the wonderful opportunity to record an artist talk from photographer and biologist, Becky Jaffe.

Elephant drawing

Bambi Waterman, Artist Talk Video

Bambi Waterman uses her artwork to start discussions on conservation and the need to protect endangered species.

Interview with SHARON SISKIN, by Anna Vaughan

Sharon Siskin is a Bay Area artist and educator, who believes that art can be a powerful agent for social change. She is showcasing her work at Abrams Claghorn on March 3rd though 31st

Natasha Dikareva video of her creation process

Natasha Dikareva’s latest work develops during an intensively introspective process, confronting the idea of physical security.

Interview with STACY JO SCOTT by Anna Vaughan

Anna Vaughan, an accomplished artist in her own right and resident artist at Abrams Claghorn, took some time to sit down with our next featured artist, Stacy Jo Scott to discuss her upcoming solo show, “Rise Out of the Shattered Deep”. In the following interview we learn the underlying reason for her works, and her need to create.

Artist Feature: STACY JO SCOTT for “Rise Out of the Scattered Deep,” February 2016

Stacy Jo Scott is an artist working at the intersection of ceramics and digital fabrication.

Artist feature: KELLY NEDDERMAN for “Greensmith: An Exchange Exhibition of Eco and Ethical Jewelry,” January 2016

Kelly Nedderman is a San Francisco based artist, educator and designer, who balances her time between commercial design and making unique, one of a kind adornments.

Artist feature: CAROLYN TILLIE for “Greensmith: An Exchange Exhibition of Eco and Ethical Jewelry,” January 2016

Carolyn Tillie reuses muselets, the wire cages that secure the cork in champagne bottles, as the main piece in pendants and brooches.

Artist feature: CHRISTINE DHEIN for “Greensmith: An Exchange Exhibition of Eco and Ethical Jewelry,” January 2016

Christine Dhein is a jewelry designer, author, and grant winning educator based in San Francisco.

Artist feature: LUANA COONEN for “Greensmith: An Exchange Exhibition of Eco and Ethical Jewelry,” January 2016

Luana Coonen is a jeweler based in the San Francisco Bay Area, who has a strong connection with nature which she attributes to her upbringing in Hawaii.

Artist feature: TABER STUDIOS for “Greensmith: An Exchange Exhibition of Eco and Ethical Jewelry,” January 2016

Taber Studios are a jewelry studio made up of artists Martin and Bob Taber, and Joshua Haiman.

Artist feature: LEXI DALY for “Greensmith: An Exchange Exhibition of Eco and Ethical Jewelry,” January 2016

Lexi Daly completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Jewelry Design, following her childhood passion for jewelry.

Artist feature: HARRIETE ESTEL BERMAN for “Greensmith: An Exchange Exhibition of Eco and Ethical Jewelry,” January 2016

Based in San Mateo, Harriete Estel Berman, is a prolific artist working across jewelry, sculpture, installation and design in order to address environmental and social issues.

Artist feature: ED LAY for “Greensmith: An Exchange Exhibition of Eco and Ethical Jewelry,” January 2016

Ed Lay is a jeweler and metalsmith working in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Artist feature: CYNTHIA CLEARWATER for “Greensmith: An Exchange Exhibition of Eco and Ethical Jewelry,” January 2016

Cynthia Clearwater came to jewelry after a 30 year academic career in environmental design and museum studies.

Artist feature: BERNADETTE NGAI for “Greensmith: An Exchange Exhibition of Eco and Ethical Jewelry,” January 2016

Bernadette Ngai is a metal artist based in San Francisco’s Bay Area.

Artist feature: SHANNA MUSTON for “Greensmith: An Exchange Exhibition of Eco and Ethical Jewelry,” January 2016

Emerging Brisbane artist, Shanna Muston aims to encourage the consumption of goods that have history and preciousness rather than the mass produced

Artist feature: REBECCA WARD for “Greensmith: An Exchange Exhibition of Eco and Ethical Jewelry,” January 2016

Artist Rebecca Ward challenges herself to create wearable art that uses as little silver as possible, incorporating natural materials such as sticks off the ground.

Artist feature: PIERINA CURTIES for “Greensmith: An Exchange Exhibition of Eco and Ethical Jewelry,” January 2016

Brisbane based artist Pierina Curties has completed a Masters in Fine Art majoring in sculpture.

Artist feature: PAOLA RAGGO for “Greensmith: An Exchange Exhibition of Eco and Ethical Jewelry,” January 2016

Paola Raggo is an artist who uses existing materials that are closely connected to her, such as maps, recycled silver and old paintings to explore autobiographical themes.

Artist feature: MEGAN MACKENZIE for “Greensmith: An Exchange Exhibition of Eco and Ethical Jewelry,” January 2016

Megan MacKenzie is a Brisbane based artist who completed a Masters in Visual Art at Griffith University.

Artist feature: LUKE MANINOV for “Greensmith: An Exchange Exhibition of Eco and Ethical Jewelry,” January 2016

Luke Maninov is a Brisbane based imaging neuroscientist and emerging artist who translates science and nature into wearable art.

Artist feature: LISA WOOD for “Greensmith: An Exchange Exhibition of Eco and Ethical Jewelry,” January 2016

The work of Mt Tamborine artist Lisa Wood aims to increase awareness of the demise of Queensland’s rainforests.

Artist feature: LEIGH WAGNER for “Greensmith: An Exchange Exhibition of Eco and Ethical Jewelry,” January 2016

Brisbane based jeweler, Leigh Wagner, has been working across art, jewelry and digital image making for three decades, with these disciplines informing each other.

Artist feature: KATHLEEN HUNT for “Greensmith: An Exchange Exhibition of Eco and Ethical Jewelry,” January 2016

Sunshine Coast artist Kathleen Hunt uses found and discarded objects to create wearable art that addresses the environmental impact caused by consumer objects.

Artist feature: JANDY PANNELL for “Greensmith: An Exchange Exhibition of Eco and Ethical Jewelry,” January 2016

Jandy Pannell is a jeweler who is strongly influenced by the beautiful tropical surrounds of her home in Cairns, and the delicate balance required to maintain it.

Artist feature: HELEN MORIARTY for “Greensmith: An Exchange Exhibition of Eco and Ethical Jewelry,” January 2016

Brisbane based artist Helen Moriarty seeks to return precious materials to circulation as wearable art by reusing and re-purposing donated unwanted jewelry.

Artist feature: ELIZABETH SHAW for “Greensmith: An Exchange Exhibition of Eco and Ethical Jewelry,” January 2016

Elizabeth Shaw has completed her Masters in Visual Arts at the Queensland College of Art where she currently lectures in Jewelry and Small Objects.

Artist feature: CLARE POPPI for “Greensmith: An Exchange Exhibition of Eco and Ethical Jewelry,” January 2016

Jeweler and metalsmith, Clare Poppi, is a Fine Arts Honours graduate and grant recipient now lecturing in eco-jeweler.

Artist feature: ASHLEIGH HEARNE for “Greensmith: An Exchange Exhibition of Eco and Ethical Jewelry,” January 2016

Ashleigh Hearne, a featured artist in our January show, Greensmith, uses recycled sterling silver and reused glass to create a beautiful necklace that anyone would be proud to wear.

Bruno Kark Functional Every Day Ceramics for Abrams Claghorn Gallery

We received a new line of ceramics made exclusively for the Abrams Claghorn Gallery by Bruno Kark!

The Fastest, Longest Year

I learned that the Albany Arts Gallery was for sale almost exactly a year ago.

Made for the Gallery – New Glass Bowls

Rounding out the collection – Working with the makers to create work for the gallery.

New Artist, Audrey Jones

Audrey Jones is the newest artist to the Abrams Claghorn Gallery and we are very excited to be showing her wonderful “Tinder Diary” series, which are real conversations she has had on the dating app, Tinder.

James Whiting Brings Us More Pottery!

After months of waiting, James Whiting has finally brought us more of his exquisite pottery!

New Artist, Tara K Daly

Tara K Daly is one of the newest artist at the Abrams Claghorn Gallery.

New Artist, Sachiko Campe

Come enjoy a hot cup of tea in the new mugs by Sachiko Campe!

New Artist, Lisa Tsubouchi

We are pleased to announce our newest artist to Abrams Claghorn Gallery, ceramic artist Lisa Tsubouchi.

Art on display in the gallery

Rainy, Cloudy Sunday at Abrams Claghorn

As I sit reflecting on this wonderful crisp fall day, my thoughts keep leading me to Monet and his waterlilies.

Image of the inside of the gallery

Thoughts about our Planet Earth in “Bumpy Terrain”

Have you ever walked into a gallery and immediately exclaimed “what’s that?!” Walking into Abrams Claghorn Gallery this October has elicited many “what’s that?!” moments from almost everyone who’s seen the shown. To say that these sculptures require some contextualization to understand is a bit of an understatement.

United States Of America population cartogram

Artist Statement: Jennifer Brazelton, for “Bumpy Terrain,” showing October 2015

Artist Jennifer Brazelton wants you to experience nationalism in new and unexpected ways.

Artist Feature: ANNA VAUGHAN for “The September Show,” September 2015

Anna Vaughan is an artist and educator living in Oakland, California. Originally from the Midwest, Vaughan’s creativity was nourished at early age by her mother, who was an art teacher and remains a practicing artist.

Artist Feature: FREYA PROWE for “The September Show,” September 2015

Freya Prowe was raised by a bicultural family in the United States. German fairy tales informed much of her early imaginary world.

3 dimensional art of cats

Artist Feature: DANIELLE SCHLUNEGGER for “The September Show,” September 2015

Danielle Schlunegger grew up amongst the shell shops and sand dunes of Ventura, CA. Currently working and living in Oakland CA, her artwork is strongly influenced by 18th century Cabinets of Curiosity and early explorers.

Artist Feature: MICHAEL MCCONNELL for “The September Show,” September 2015

Michael McConnell, a Michigan native, studied printmaking at Columbus College of Art and Design. After graduating from CCAD, he drove across country to the Bay Area, and has made a home in San Francisco.

Artist Feature: CRYSTAL MOREY for “The September Show,” September 2015

Crystal Morey grew up in a small town in the Sierra Nevada foothills of Northern California. Her surroundings embedded her with an appreciation for the natural world and gave her an understanding of plant and animal life cycles.

Artist Feature: MARGARET KEELAN for “The September Show,” September 2015

Margaret Keelan’s influence in the Bay Area can be felt through her timeless dolls, which in turn show the progression of time and technology but also hearken to the unchanging rhythm of nature latest small sculptures recall the “Santos” figures of Mexico and Central America and incorporate a reproduced 19th century doll head.

Artist Feature: JUDITH IRWIN for “In the Garden,” August 2015

Art and nature are a part of Irwin’s daily life, as she can be found artistically pruning someone’s garden, or studying shadows with paintbrush in hand.

Artist Feature: JOHN PALEGA for “I Expected Flowers,” July 2015

John Palega is a proud Bay Area native. He has loved art since childhood, and discovered his passion for tattoos at a young age.

Artist Feature: CS NOVUS for “I Expected Flowers,” July 2015

CS Novus arrived in the Bay Area in 2009 to attend John F. Kennedy University’s MFA program in “Arts and Consciousness,” graduating in 2013.

Artist Feature: SUE GALAVIZ for “I Expected Flowers,” July 2015

Sue Galviz is a Northern California native with a strong passion for art; street, modern, abstract, new school, and most importantly, body art

Artist Feature: Albany High School, June 2015

19 Advanced Students from Albany High School showcased their portfolios.

Artist Feature: STELA FURTADO for “True Story,” May 2015

Stela Furtado has always been an artist, inheriting skills from her craftsman father while growing up creating in his cabinet shop.

Artist Feature: MELINDA GRAY for “True Story,” May 2015

When Melinda Gray received her BFA in sculpture from California College of the Arts in 2012, she became one of the two percent of foster children to graduate college.

Artist Feature: MARNIKA SHELTON for “True Story,” May 2015

Marnika Shelton is an African-American Artist specializing in figurative sculpture. Her work focuses on political and cultural paradigms facing 21st century Black America.