Body Continuum: Artist Talk

Artist Talk: Saturday April 8, 5-7pm

Body Continuum is an exhibition of sculpture, installation, performance, and drawing. Anna Vaughan and Edith Garcia use figurative imagery to traverse the ground between formed and unformed worlds. 

They invite you to join them as they discuss their investigations of the self and their artistic process in this intimate display of figurative work in which they focus on their individual expressions regarding the body as artists.

Photo Credit: Edith Garcia. Constant Same Forever 1 and Constant Same Forever 2

Striving to illuminate this shift in her recent sculptures, installations and drawings, Garcia works to expose the sinister moments and playful innocence of the modern imagination.

After living in the United Kingdom for over a decade, Edith Garcia has returned to the United States. She has created a new series of work influenced by the dynamic shifts she has experienced between the cultural structures of the United States and United Kingdom. Perceptions and processes long held, fracture and fade only to ignite new dynamic structures of thought, culture and relationship.

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Torso, Stoneware sculpture

Most of us only experience art as a finished product. We never see the spaces artist exist in, or see first-hand the decision process as a work of art evolves.

At the midpoint of her two-month performance piece “Clay Body”, Anna Vaughan will talk about the work in progress.

With 1000 pounds of clay, Anna is working on a continuation of the piece entitled “Clay Body” which she started a year ago. Visitors to the gallery are invited to experience the intimacy of viewing an artist at work.  The piece is designed to give viewers a window into a practice of art making as it overlaps with spiritual and meditative processes.

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