Plaque du Muselet is the fancy name for Champagne tin. Invented in 1844 France by Adolphe Jacqueson, a muselet [mew-zeh-LAY] is the wire cage that secures the cork in a bottle of Champagne or other sparkling wine. Plaque is “plate” that sits upon the cork and beneath the cage where Champagne and sparkling wine producers have a one-inch opportunity for advertising. Sometimes elegant, sometimes stately, these bits of tin have always intrigued me – ever since I spied my first glimpse of color atop the much-anticipated bottle of bubbly. Wishing to showcase the art and love of “wines that foam,” I began to experiment with jewelry designs that would involve recycling more than the tin itself. Using reclaimed colored wire and industrial screws, the result is a colorful selection of pendants and brooches.


My inspiration stems from over 10 years in the food and wine industry combined with my artistic expression in fashioning wearable art. With today’s interest in cooking and food, I provide a lighthearted and playful way for the wearer to express epicurean desires in an unexpected and imaginative way.  My passion is to share my love of food and art through the creation of fashionably fun jewelry.