Interview with Albany High School Art Instructor Aliza Cohen

Aliza Cohen has an important job in our community. As an artist and educator, Aliza is teaching the Albany youth how to express themselves, find their voice, and visually represent it. This years fourth annual Albany High School Art Showcase will display more than 25 student artworks in the gallery.

Body Continuum: Artist Talk April 8, 5 – 7pm

Most of us only experience art as a finished product. We never see the spaces artist exist in, or see first-hand, the decision process as a work of art evolves.

Natasha Dikareva: Artist Talk, Nov. 2015

With our newest solo show, Enter & Escape, we wanted to delve deeper into the inspiration behind her Escapist and Shell Dweller series. In this video, recorded last November at Abrams Claghorn Gallery, she discusses the meaning and reasoning behind her artworks.

Elizabeth Addison in Conversation p1

Starting, October 3 (through the 31st), Addison’s latest work, They Come from Outer Space, will be exhibited at our gallery. This is her second time participating in a show with us, and a good friend of the gallery.

Someone made this cup?! Observations of a novice ceramic appreciator.

Until I started managing the Abrams Claghorn Gallery, I did not think much about ceramics, beyond the plates and cups I purchased at Target.

Seek Fine Art

We are so proud and excited to be apart of Seek Fine Art a wonderful app and website that caters to art-centric people!

Some thoughts on a hot day in July

How we are adapting to the changing marketplace, and what’s new in the gallery and in the store

Video Interview Abrams Claghorn Owner, Robert Abrams by Pro Arts!

I realized I don’t have the temperament to create the same object over and over again, and my work was really leaning more towards sculptural, more conceptual…If they’re not going to use the bowl they bought from me, displaying it instead, then why make it functional at all?

Abrams Claghorn East Bay Express Interview

With the world at everyone’s fingertips, our challenge is to keep our community focused on their artist and small business neighbors.

Anna Vaughan and the Mural

Anna Vaughan has been a fixture at the Abrams Claghorn Gallery since our grand opening on April 11th, 2015. Starting that summer, Anna painted the mural that now lives on the east side of the gallery building, facing the Bart tracks.