Artist Feature: MARGARET KEELAN for “The September Show,” September 2015

Margaret Keelan’s influence in the Bay Area can be felt through her timeless dolls, which in turn show the progression of time and technology but also hearken to the unchanging rhythm of nature latest small sculptures recall the “Santos” figures of Mexico and Central America and incorporate a reproduced 19th century doll head.

Artist Feature: JUDITH IRWIN for “In the Garden,” August 2015

Art and nature are a part of Irwin’s daily life, as she can be found artistically pruning someone’s garden, or studying shadows with paintbrush in hand.

Artist Feature: JOHN PALEGA for “I Expected Flowers,” July 2015

John Palega is a proud Bay Area native. He has loved art since childhood, and discovered his passion for tattoos at a young age.

Artist Feature: CS NOVUS for “I Expected Flowers,” July 2015

CS Novus arrived in the Bay Area in 2009 to attend John F. Kennedy University’s MFA program in “Arts and Consciousness,” graduating in 2013.

Artist Feature: SUE GALAVIZ for “I Expected Flowers,” July 2015

Sue Galviz is a Northern California native with a strong passion for art; street, modern, abstract, new school, and most importantly, body art

Artist Feature: Albany High School, June 2015

19 Advanced Students from Albany High School showcased their portfolios.

Artist Feature: STELA FURTADO for “True Story,” May 2015

Stela Furtado has always been an artist, inheriting skills from her craftsman father while growing up creating in his cabinet shop.

Artist Feature: MELINDA GRAY for “True Story,” May 2015

When Melinda Gray received her BFA in sculpture from California College of the Arts in 2012, she became one of the two percent of foster children to graduate college.

Artist Feature: MARNIKA SHELTON for “True Story,” May 2015

Marnika Shelton is an African-American Artist specializing in figurative sculpture. Her work focuses on political and cultural paradigms facing 21st century Black America.