Carmen McNall

Have You Heard Us Yet?: New exhibit at Abrams Claghorn Gallery addresses long simmering women’s issues

For the first time, Abrams Claghorn Gallery will be showcasing 10 local writers and 16 Bay Area artists, collaborating but having never met. This display of poetry and visual art encompasses women’s hopes for 2018.

Albany High Students Talk About Art and Life

“I always hope to capture either some part of the person’s personality or some of their backstory. I think by doing so it makes the photo so much more meaningful to me and the subjects in the photograph.” – Maya Bloemhard


Local Artists and Makers Find a Welcome Home in Abrams Claghorn Gallery by Story Studio for SF Chronicle

The Abrams Claghorn Gallery will continue to push to be a place where under the radar, under represented artists can have their voices heard and their work seen by their local community, continuing the rich tradition of the locale.

Interview with Albany High School Art Instructor Aliza Cohen

Aliza Cohen has an important job in our community. As an artist and educator, Aliza is teaching the Albany youth how to express themselves, find their voice, and visually represent it. This years fourth annual Albany High School Art Showcase will display more than 25 student artworks in the gallery.

Interview: GEORGIA CARBONE by Abrams Claghorn Gallery

A fascinating interview by the Abrams Claghorn Gallery with artist Georgia Carbone for her show Healing Images: A Prescription For America, showing February 6 – March 4, Artist Talk Tues. Feb. 27, 5-7pm

Wellness Month Practitioner Spotlight with your local Licensed Massage Therapist, Melissa Coffey.

Coffey will be conducting a workshop at Abrams Claghorn Gallery this Friday, February 23rd to talk about the benefits of essential oils and how they can be integrated into a self-care regimen.

Yoga in the gallery during Wellness Month this February 2018

Wellness Month is a series of workshops and events emphasizing the importance of mind, body, spirit. As a part of this series, Abrams Claghorn Staff Member, visual artist and certified yoga instructor Megan Weirich, will be hosting Wednesday morning Vinyasa Flow Yoga sessions at 8:30 am consecutively. Please join us in the gallery for a class.

Wellness Month Sound Bath & Reiki Healing Experience

Buffa still regards herself very much as an artist, who has committed herself professionally to sound healing. She believes workshop participants will walk away from her session with a tool that can be integrated into their daily lives.