The Fashion Conversation Interview with Sana Aloui: Imagining Americana

In the next 10 years I would love to work for many designers that I respect and learn more about production processes in textiles and sustainability.

Natasha Dikareva: Artist Talk, Nov. 2015

With our newest solo show, Enter & Escape, we wanted to delve deeper into the inspiration behind her Escapist and Shell Dweller series. In this video, recorded last November at Abrams Claghorn Gallery, she discusses the meaning and reasoning behind her artworks.

Seek Fine Art

We are so proud and excited to be apart of Seek Fine Art a wonderful app and website that caters to art-centric people!

Anna Vaughan and the Mural

Anna Vaughan has been a fixture at the Abrams Claghorn Gallery since our grand opening on April 11th, 2015. Starting that summer, Anna painted the mural that now lives on the east side of the gallery building, facing the Bart tracks.

Dual Solo Shows; Anna Vaughan: “My Darling,” and Michelle Gregor: “Tributary”

Abrams Claghorn is hosting two innovative artists for the April showcase. Anna Vaughan and Michelle Gregor create their work outside traditional boundaries, bringing a contemporary view to the tradition of figurative sculpture.