Video Interview Abrams Claghorn Owner, Robert Abrams by Pro Arts!

I realized I don’t have the temperament to create the same object over and over again, and my work was really leaning more towards sculptural, more conceptual…If they’re not going to use the bowl they bought from me, displaying it instead, then why make it functional at all?

Jennifer Brazelton: Artist Talk Video

Artist Jennifer Brazelton wants you to experience nationalism in new and unexpected ways. For the past three years she has been creating sculptures using maps of nations whose shapes are altered by human population data.

Becky Jaffe, Artist Talk Video

Late last year we had the wonderful opportunity to record an artist talk from photographer and biologist, Becky Jaffe.

Bambi Waterman, Artist Talk Video

Bambi Waterman uses her artwork to start discussions on conservation and the need to protect endangered species.

Natasha Dikareva video of her creation process

Natasha Dikareva’s latest work develops during an intensively introspective process, confronting the idea of physical security.