Chico Chai Tea is made with fresh ground organic spices and fair trade, organic tea. The chai is micro-brewed, simmered slowly in small batches by hand. This local artisan tea has a unique taste, the perfect balance of spicy and sweet. Each batch is lightly sweetened with organic, unrefined sugar, using far less sugar than most mainstream chais.

Chico Chai is committed to using only whole, certified organic ingredients in its recipes to create a chai without preservatives or flavorings. All of the teas we use are certified fair trade. After we’re done brewing chai, the spent spices are provided to our community as valuable compost. We utilize reused materials to ship products, recycle when we cannot reuse, and provide bulk products whenever possible to reduce the amount of packaging necessary. We are continuously updating our procedures in order to make a more positive impact on the world around us.

Chico Chai began in the spring of 2004, when owner Sarah Adams saw a need for fresh, handmade chai in her hometown of Chico. She had enjoyed brewing her own chai at home for years, and thought other people might enjoy it as well. She started making chai a couple of gallons at a time, selling it to a few coffeehouses, and at the Farmers Market. The chai was well-received, and the business steadily grew. Her chai is now sold at most independent coffeehouses, restaurants, and grocery stores in Chico and is expanding regionally. Despite its popularity, the business is still a small one, the product is still brewed in small batches, by hand, with close attention paid to detail and quality.