Featured Artists: Audrey Jones, Beth Roberts, Eleanor Schnarr, Freya Prowe, Harriete Estel Berman, Hellenmae, Joona, Leah Tumerman, Liz Worthy, Sue Galaviz

A typical Hallmark-style Valentine’s Day has modern-day expectations and trappings; thoughtful cards, sugary sweets … but the holiday history has darker origins that date back to the Roman Empire. The Bay Area artists in this showcase seek to explore this dark tone, thereby illuminating the changing nature of this holiday.

Join us Saturday, February 13th from 5-7pm, to celebrate “Crimson,” a showcase in the store at Abrams Claghorn. We promise an arrow’s nip of satire, passion in abundance, and handcrafted pieces that blossom in love’s fickle nature.

Join us for the evening to greet the artists and indulge in the dark side with us! The showcase will run throughout the month of February.