Kristie Nerby is drawn towards the big city lights, while also choosing to live remotely in Oregon, Alaska, and now Montana. As an artist who is also a business woman with a massive entrepreneurial spirit, her energy towards her craft is boundless, yet grounded and balanced.

Kristie has been self-taught and self-employed for many years, while raising two children with her husband. Through the process of creating and recreating herself as an artist and business woman in the mediums of silk painting, cake decorating, catering, and picture framing, she found her niche working in the medium of glass. As an apprentice to glass artist Barbara DeVeer for over 10 years, hands-on work and collaboration have helped make her the artist she is today.

Glass feeds Kristie on so many levels, from the play of vibrant color and light, to the challenge of creating designs that are classic, wearable art pieces. The medium of glass creates a playground in her mind from which fun, handcrafted earrings that excite the eye and lift the spirit are born. Glass has an ethereal quality that calms the mind with a dose of vibrant color therapy each day. [Name] loves the amount of energy that intense attention to detail in her work demands, while she is soothed by the very objects she creates.