Dual Solo Shows; Anna Vaughan: My Darling, & Michelle Gregor: Tributary

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Anna Vaughan

Abrams Claghorn is hosting two innovative artists for the April showcase. The lyrical artworks of Anna Vaughan and Michelle Gregor bring a contemporary view to the tradition of figurative sculpture. Both artists create their work outside traditional boundaries, utilizing clay as a means to communicate their artistic expression.

Concept plays a large role in both Vaughan and Gregor’s artworks. For Vaughan and Gregor, the artistic expression is in processing clay with other earthly elements- such as water and fire- as a method to allow their inner world to communicate with physical.

Both artists are acclaimed artists- living, teaching and working in the San Francisco Bay Area. They have unique styles all their own, but the love of the human figure is where they converge.


Michelle Gregor

Known as a colorist, Michelle Gregor develops the surfaces of her artwork over long studio sessions and through multiple kiln firings. “The artist’s figurative work is distinctly heroic and robust, with sensuous volumes, lively muscularity and soft areas of vivid color.”*  Intuitive logic and  process oriented practice are central to her concept for this exhibition, which will include sculpture, drawings and paintings.

* Susannah Israel, fromCeramics Art and PerceptionApril 2011

Anna Vaughan favors realism in her figurative sculptures, and often works from a live model. In addition to her technical attention to detail, her pieces are most recognizable for as being whimsical and charming character studies. Bright, happy colors instill a sense of joy and wonderment in these human sculptures.