Elizabeth Addison in Conversation p1

Elizabeth Addison is a San Francisco, Bay Area visual artist, curator, and educator whose works are included in The California Endowment permanent collection and collected by numerous private and public collectors. Her primary media include experimental printmaking, installation, audio and digital media.

Starting, October 3 (through the 31st), Addison’s latest work, They Come from Outer Space, will be exhibited at our gallery. This is her second time participating in a show with us, and is a good friend of the gallery.


They Came from Outer Space, 2016

They Come from Outer Space: Elizabeth draws connections to the similarities in our cosmos with the microscopic world on Earth.  

For the past two years Addison has been viewing life under a microscope and this is her response to visual connections and functional similarities between the microscopic and the cosmic realms. Informed by the relationship between science and artistic vision, she invokes the threshold created at their intersection.


Micrometeorite 1A, 2016

Her liminal environments reflect upon humankind and its relationship with nature, science, and the comparison between belief and data-driven conclusions.
Artist Reception: Sat. October 8th, 5-7pm