Artist Bio

Elke Savala, currently Elke resides in the San Francisco bay area, was born and raised in Munich, Germany. She graduated from the Meisterschule fur Mode in Munich with a bachelor’s degree in design. After moving to New York City, Elke continued her education at the Fashion Institute of Technology and at Parsons School of Design in New York City, New York.

Artist Statement

“I don’t plan when I paint. Being in the moment, I allow the innate rhythm of the image to emerge. What I enjoy most is exploring line, shape, color and texture, and letting it come alive like a dance improvisation with my brush.

Intuitively the subject matter comes from the deep well of universal mythology and diverse cultural influences. My love of the natural world and interest in the human mind – body inspire my works.

I am fascinated by intimately witnessing and distilling “reality” into organic stylized shapes. Surreal and symbolic elements are woven into my images, revealing to the observer a secret language and meaning.

Through the photo lens I aspire to see the world with fresh, innocent eyes, seeking beauty where it is not always apparent. Whether the subject matter is simple or complex, I search for the poetic essence that remains a mystery.”