Ernest Jolly is an installation artist whose work investigates the human condition including industrial degradation and migration. His primary mediums are sculpture, sound and video. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Jolly’s practice is now based in Oakland, California, where he has been since 1998. He completed his MFA in Studio Art at Mills College in 2006. He has also studied at San Francisco State University and The Hungarian Academy of Art in Tihany, Hungary. In addition to his art practice, Jolly  is an exhibit designer and educator.

“As an artist, I care deeply about the transformative ability of art for both individuals and the larger society. My studio work re-contextualizes lived experiences, both of the individual and the group, and the role that environments play in this process. My environmental installations incorporate sculptural elements fabricated from materials including wood, metal and plastics, and may also incorporate a range of other elements such as water, light, music and video. Most of these materials are found objects, repurposed for the installation. Collaboration is another important part of my practice. I have worked with sound and video in concert with dance and spoken word artists.”  – Ernest Jolly, 2015