Forged Cuff Bracelet with Joshua Haiman of Forge & Fountain

Sunday November 12, 12 – 3 pm

$75 plus a $25 materials fee

Workshop participants will get a 10% discount on any purchase made in the gallery on the day of the workshop.

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Fundamentals & Techniques

Learn how to forge your own cuff bracelet from artisan jeweler Joshua Haiman of Forge & Fountain Jewelry. This workshop will go over how to cut, forge, and shape metal using metalsmithing tools and introduce basic bracelet styles. You will leave with a fitted, finished, and polished bracelet that you made!


    • Forging demonstration
    • Choose style of bracelet to make: twist or pinched, gloss polish or satin
    • Cutting, forging, and shaping metal
    • Fitting, filing, finishing, and polishing

    Materials available for students

    • Copper wire, round and square
    • Handouts with jewelry supply sources, schools, info on individual classes at our studio
    • Optional: silver for additional fee

    Tools you will learn to use

    • Anvils
    • Hammers
    • Vice
    • Files
    • Sandpaper 220, 400, 600
    • Brass brush for finishing
    • Steel brush for finishing

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