Exploring Creativity in Black and White with Georgia Gibbs

Sunday, April 23, 12pm-3pm

$100 plus a $35 materials fee

Workshop participants will get a 10% discount on any purchase made in the gallery on the day of the workshop.

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Fundamentals & Techniques

What can you do with a dot? Even if you can’t draw a stick figure your creative juices will get flowing in this workshop. Armed with paper, scissors, and glue, it’s all about getting down to basics. But, don’t let this simple set-up fool you, There is a lot of learning going on. We’ll talk about some basic design ‘rules’ that are active in your process; why ‘love’ comes in odd numbers, how to employ a simple grid, when to embrace balance, and even when to throw it out.

These principles are helpful to all. Creatives can use it as a tool to ‘get in the flow’. For people who claim they can’t even draw a straight line – you will create something powerful in this workshop. Home decorators, DIY makers, bloggers and budding smartphone photographers will all enjoy this and learn techniques to push their work up a notch. Sign up and come play!

Regardless of how you express your creative vision, by stripping a design down to it’s most fundamental form you see how the absence of information is still information. Negative space defines the boundaries of positive space and empowers your composition.

Placement, size, contrast, tension or harmony; these are just a few of the words that enter into a discussion where design plays a role. You will play in this space with more confidence once you fully appreciate the power of positive and negative space.


  • Introduction to Notan, Japanese art of paper cutting positive and negative shapes.
  • Review of examples that demonstrate the principle of positive and negative space.
  • Creating works that demonstrate the principle with black and white paper or paper and ink.

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