Hadar Jacobson

Artist Bio

Hadar Jacobson of Textures Studio is a jewelry artist and instructor living in Albany, California. She started her career as a metalsmith, but after coming to the US from Israel in 1997 she discovered metal clay and has been practicing it ever since. She has been a pioneer in manufacturing base metal clay – copper, bronze, and steel – and published six books on the subject. Her specialty is mixed metal jewelry.

Artist Statement

“My medium is metal clay. I like to make it myself. Every piece of jewelry starts as loose metal powder – copper, bronze. iron, or tin. I mix the powders to make my own metal alloys. I then add to the mix a binder and some water and it becomes a clay-like material, which can be shaped, dried, filed, sanded, ground, combined with other shapes, re-dried, and refined. The finished piece is fired in a kiln at a high temperature and the result is a solid metal piece of jewelry that only needs to be polished. I especially like to mix different alloys in one piece for a multi-color effect. Every evening I put my day’s work in the kiln and go to sleep knowing that in the morning new pieces will be waiting for me. It’s like magic. This is my passion.”