Contemporary Art Piece

Jennifer Brazelton: Bumpy Terrain
Show Dates: October 3 – 31
Artist Talk Saturday October 24, 5 – 8 pm

Robert Abrams, gallery owner and curator, has known Jennifer Brazelton and her work for many years. Drawn to the cerebral quality of her work, he recognizes that Brazelton’s sculptures require that you abandon the typical two second look in order to truly comprehend their meaning. Brazelton utilizes exaggerated and visceral shapes, which are bulging and undulating, as if alive, to draw the viewer in. The lack of traditional beauty in the coloring or shape of these sculptures challenges the viewer to consider other elements that make the works meaningful.

Brazelton wants the views to ponder the ramifications of the political and social issues these sculptures highlight, in relation to population density and our place in the world.