Kelly Nedderman is a San Francisco based artist, educator and designer, who balances her time between commercial design and making unique, one of a kind adornments.

   “Trained primarily as a textile designer, I strive to combine my passion for metal with my passion for pattern, repetition and textures every time I sit down at my bench. I am drawn to the compelling contrast between modern and organic imagery. In practicing my craft I have melded my textile work into components used in my jewelry.  Shapes and patterns created using printmaking techniques are merged together with simple geometrical forms, creating rhythm and contrast.”

Nedderman’s works for Greensmith were created in response to a fashion show in aid of veteran health research, which was calling for artists and designers to make pieces from a range of old medical objects. Drawn to the shape of the transfer pipettes, she used a single repetition to create these eye catching earrings and necklaces. The surprising reuse of these objects as jewelry serves to prompt us to reconsider the expectations we have about both jewelry and the single use of disposable items.