To create her work, Latisha uses a primitive technique called pyrography.  This medium is also referred to as woodburning, pyroetching or pyroengraving.  She often works on dense surfaces, such as reclaimed wood or cold press water color paper.  The imperfections of these surfaces contributes to the character and authenticity of the work.  The surface usually dictates the direction of the work, and texturization is a derivative of this process.

As a self-taught artist working in the medium for over 20 years, she is inspired by people’s stories and human anatomy.  She juxtaposes the human form with life events and experiences.  The complexity of her work can vary, but there is a common theme of reconciliation through recovery, healing and transformation.

She also has a stationery line of note cards and a handmade pyroetched wooden jewelry line known as Ear Cookies and Sojourn Neckware.

She has exhibited throughout the Bay Area for the past 10 years and her work has been featured in the Oakland Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle and other publications.  She resides in Oakland, CA with her husband Malik, two adult children and cat Ruby.