The work of Mt Tamborine artist Lisa Wood aims to increase awareness of the demise of Queensland’s rainforests. Having completed a Bachelor of Visual Art at the University of Sydney, majoring in Photography and Jewellery, Wood seeks to raise awareness in regard to the considerable threats facing our bioregion due to population growth and refuse.
In her work Rainforest reliquary, a skeletonised rainforest leaf is encased in plastic and heat sealed, and then placed into a clear brooch made from recycled materials including recycled acrylic factory off cuts. The transparent ‘reliquary’ box reveals the delicate leaf; a fragment of the past. Dragonfly wings incorporates recycled materials and found dragonfly wings, highlighting the delicate, transient nature of the dragonfly. Wood’s work comments on the loss of habitats of the dragonfly and the part humans play in the delicate balance of nature.