Artist Statement:

I like to make things with my hands.

Second to being a mom, creation is my true love in life.  In all forms and materials.  I enjoy learning new techniques and methods of working in a diverse range of materials as well as committing to the discipline necessary to deeply study one medium at a time.  My grandmother was and continues to be, in spirit, the inspiration for my handwork.  She created large detailed quilts through hand piecing, hand quilting and a lot of patience. Though I have been sewing and knitting since I was a teenager, the drive to focus energy towards creating hand-stitched goods began after the birth of my daughter.  The goods which i made were born for function, for our family, however close friends encouraged me to expand into marketing some of my goods.  Though I have experimented with many different designs, and my collection is ever expanding and contracting, there are a few simple, functional, tried and true pieces which i offer.  i stitch and knit for daily use.  To organize, to warm, to contain, to inspire. The pieces I offer promote and support a lifestyle of art making, play and adventuring in nature.  All goods are made with natural materials, my favorites being wool, cotton, linen and love.