Artist Bio

Lorraine’s first group show was in the Lever Brothers building in Manhattan when she was in kindergarten, the self-proclaimed “class artist”.  Art studies continued at the  High School of Music & Art;  in college Lorraine switched gears from an art major to American Studies and a career in Transit Planning. She is thrilled to return to her roots in painting, printing and sculpting.

Artist Process

Clay monoprinting uses a clay matrix of unfired clay.  Colors are mixed from a fine clay powder, water, and pure pigments.  The print is transferred to an industrial-grade fabric using a hand roller, creating a print that is original and unique (“monoprint”).  The clay and colors transfer to the fabric and can be printed one time only. This process, invented by the late ceramicist Mitch Lyons (, reflects Lorraine’s emotional and spiritual state through a theme, subject, or the marvelous accidents and welcome mistakes of the moment.