Artist Statement

Utilizing a historic perspective to shift the focus of narratives around race, gender, class and sexuality. She takes on topics such as religious indoctrination and historical prejudice, recreating stories from unexplored angles to expose longstanding impacts on American society. Views of masculinity, prejudice, violence, how fear creates difference and eradicating shame around sexuality are all within the scope of her work. “Making is an integral part of who I am. By breaking down taboo, we can create a world where all people feel loved, honored and respected.”

Artist Bio

Marnika Shelton was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, a place plagued by segregation, racism, poverty, drug abuse, and gang violence. Noticing a large amount of self-hatred in the black community, she focused her work on honoring people of color. Aiming to re-invent narratives around beauty standards by calling out stereotypes that prevent a true sense of belonging in American culture.