Artist Bio

Maryam Soltanipour is a Persian painter and miniaturist. She resides and works in California, United States.  She was born in Isfahan, Iran which is famous for its Persian–Islamic architecture and arts. Maryam became interested in Persian literature and arts early on when she was in middle school.  She finished her Bachelor of Arts in Persian literature from University of Isfahan.  She is currently working on her Master of Arts degree in Persian resistance literature at the University of Shiraz.  She became interested in art since she was 13 years old.  She took many courses in Persian arts and paintings.  She finally decided to continue her art interest in Persian miniature painting. She is a member of handicraft organization of Iran with 11 years of experience in Persian miniature painting.

Painting education and trainings: She is trained in Persian painting by a number of reputable Persian teachers.

  1. She studied design and principles of colors with Dr. Amir Abbas Mohammadi Rad at the Isfahan University of Arts. She studied various techniques of paintings such as, pencils, Conte, Charcoal, and ink painting.
  2. She studied principles of painting forms in Rapidograph and Collage with Dr. Hossein Tahvilian at the Amozeshgah Azade Maheno in Isfahan.
  3. She studied Persian painting’s principles of design and painting with master Roholah Jahanbin with various techniques of pencils, and Gouache painting at the Isfahan University of Arts.

Exhibitions and Acknowledgments:

  1. The Ninth Iranian National Biennial Persian Painting. She was acknowledged as one of the top four painters of the year.

2. The Seventh Iranian Fadjr International Festival of Visual Arts.  She presented her paintings at this festival.