Arinthia Jones was born in Akron, Ohio in 1954, during the era of the Civil Rights Movement. She completed her BFA with distinction from Howard University School of Fine Arts in Washington, D.C. Jones works predominantly in the medium of painting, but includes video and installations appropriately. She has shown her work at a host of venues around the country, including the Gallery of Art at Howard University, SF Fort Mason Center, and so on. Her artwork has appeared in publications of Simon & Schuster; Scholastic Inc., EthnoGraphics., and The Crafts Report Magazine. Jones has directed mural projects across the Bay Area, as well as taught children’s art in classrooms, The Randall Museum of San Francisco, The Department of Children Social Services San Francisco, and other venues. Jones’ artwork is twofold: first, her art is therapeutic to her “own” personal needs, and second, it gives voice to consciousness — social, political, cultural, spiritual, and love. Jones currently lives in Oakland, CA.