My Darling is an exhibition of painting, sculpture and performance which investigate the quest for bliss.

“When I was a child I loved to be outside, I loved even thinking about being outside, I remember sitting inside looking out the window and imagining that I was outside. I would imagine it in great detail; getting lost in textures of the grass and big open skies.

I was doing this in elementary school one day and my teacher called to me from the front of the classroom: “Anna…What are you doing?”. The smile inside me fluttered up to my face and I said “I’m thinking of what the clover grass taste like”. The students erupted into laughter and my teacher ordered me to put my head down until I was ready to pay attention.

I tell this story to illustrate how even in small ways our deepest desires for what we love takes hold of us, sometimes pulling us into beautiful states of creative bliss and other times turning us into societal outcast.  Though my teacher took my response as ‘sasssing’ her it wasn’t meant that way, I was simply sharing what I love. I think many artist find themselves in this position. The bliss that I found in nature as a child, is the same bliss I feel when making artwork. This show is an exploration into the boundaries of bliss it is an invitation for viewers to contemplate some of the profound and, possibly, damaging experiences of living in connection with one’s desires.” – Anna Vaughan, 2016


Anna Vaughan is an artist and educator who lives in Oakland, California. Originally from the Midwest, Anna’s creativity was fostered at early age by her mother, who was an art teacher, and the do-it-yourself spirit of her grandparents. During the summers of her childhood, Anna lived on a farm with her grandparents, where she spent most of her time barefoot and outside. This environment led to a love of nature and encouragement toward creative play which continues to be the foundation of her artworks.

Anna Vaughan studied at the Kansas City Art Institute with ceramics greats: Ken Ferguson, Peter Voulkos, Victor Babu, Jim Leedy and Marilyn Lysohir. Anna completed her MFA at Mills College under the guidance of Anna Valentina Murch, Hung Liu and Ron Nagle. Ms. Vaughan lectures at a variety of Bay Area institutions, including UC Berkeley’s ASUC Art Studio, California College of the Arts, and Laney College. She has exhibited her work extensively and is represented by the Abrams Claghorn Gallery.