Natasha Dikareva: Artist Discussion November 2015

“As an artist, I am poised between two worlds; one is the tangible reality I experience on my way to the studio, and the other is the world of possibility in which my sculptures live. I travel between the two, between the physical present and the imaginative future, bringing dreams down to earth, shaping unfamiliar creatures to life. I am a channel, guided by unseen forces of my environment and personal relationships, as well as formal aesthetic concerns. My sculptures use me as a vehicle, communicating their need to grow in a certain direction through my hands.

They become like landmarks, artifacts of another universe, memorabilia from a vacation to another dimension.

At times, I imagine my sculptures are visiting us, taking in our sights to bring back to their home planet, carrying the most scenic views on their shells as proof they had seen it.

We are just another dimension, another version of reality, another galactic attraction to visit and explore. They notice and record events and places we overlook, adding and recombining imagery on their surfaces as we do in dreams. In the alternate Pompeii, a language of pictures communicates the subconscious on the surface so that these shell-dwelling creatures never struggle to explain their experience. Out of the things we take for granted, a new story emerges.

My influences range from ancient Greek mythology to Eastern philosophies of spiritual transformation. I am interested in depicting the human experience using charged symbolism through which anyone can immerse themselves into a myriad of metaphorical possibilities. Through the back door of the subconscious, I find escape routes from the mundane. I tap the origin of my dreams to extract the elixir of a new understanding and a bright future.” – Natasha Dikareva, 2016