Audrey Jones is the newest artist to the Abrams Claghorn Gallery and we are very excited  to be showing her wonderful “Tinder Diary” series, which are real conversations she has had on the dating app, Tinder.

I find this series particularly poignant given the recent articles highlighting the treatment of women on social media. In this day and age its easy to hide behind a computer and judge others as if they aren’t a real person with feeling and emotions.


As we build more walls to disengage ourselves from reality, it suddenly easy to quickly judge and comment about a perfect stranger. It even can feel good. Its seems that without the “pressure” of seeing someone face to face, we can truly be ourselves and let our true thoughts be known. But is it really who we want to be? Do we want to exist in a world where unfiltered thoughts are acceptable even if they disparage another? I think Audrey Jones is a very brave woman for putting herself out there, in regards to online dating in this increasingly hostile world. Her comical spin on these real conversations brings a light hearted-ness to the reality of online dating, but I hope it causes you to pause for a moment and ponder the real world ramifications and perhaps think before you post.