Artist Bio

Rubina Kazi was born in Bombay, India, and moved to the United States in 1996. She is a computer and software engineer by profession, yet has always been artistically inclined- with a keen, creative eye, and a feel for the arts. Her work with calligraphy and abstract art has been influenced by her upbringing, international travels, and love of music and nature.

Kazi considers herself an “accidental” artist, and feels lucky to be able to follow her childhood passion of painting. She gains tremendous satisfaction from the act of painting, or watching something come to life on a canvas in front of her. She loves colors, gestures and textures coming together to express a deeper emotion… which has led to what she does now.

She also loves Sufi music- and the message of peace, love, tranquility, and the eternal being – across all religions and cultures. Her paintings and calligraphy are a humble attempt to reflect the same. Most of her work is acrylic or oil on canvas, as she finds this medium is most able to create layers of meaning and depth to reflect upon.