Showing: February 9th – 28th

Reception: Saturday, February 9th, 5-7pm

Abrams Claghorn Gallery is pleased to present, “On the Edge of Eden,” a geometric art show about personal spheres & rudimentary peripheries. The 11-person group exhibition will be on view from Febru­ ary 9th through February 28th. Artists and guest curator, L. Herrada-Rios, will be in attendance at the February 9th opening reception from 5pm to 7pm.

“On the Edge of Eden” will showcase select Bay Area artists’ use of foundational shapes and planes to encapsulate the beauty of symmetry across several disciplines includ­ ing painting, sculpture, photography, and mixed media. Participating artists include: Natalie Aleman, Megan Cerminaro, L. Herrada-Rios, Megan Low, Nicholas Murella, Andrew Nilsen, David Polka, Dani Robison, Brendan Tidd, Madeleine Tonzi, Crystal Townsend.

From the curator: “Many religious mytholo­gies believe that an error in judgement con­demned the world to live a blighted exist­ence: the pursuit of the knowledge of good vs. evil took us away from perfection and paradise, or so they say The visual artists in “On the Edge of Eden” bring perfection down to Earth by creating multifaceted worlds of depth and color with each piece of work presenting purity in form, texture, and structure as points of departure. When assessing notions of beauty in a post-Paradise world, I have found that among the patterns of life, beauty comes in many shapes to leave room for growth thus further extending our concept of perfection.”