Abrams Claghorn Gallery

Contemporary Art Gallery & Store

The Abrams Claghorn Gallery pairs a curated gallery space with a museum-style store that have exhibited and sold fine and functional artworks created by diverse Bay Area artists since April 2015.

The Gallery hosts workshops that invite community members to learn about and work alongside the artists showcased in our exhibits.


Our mission is to be a community-oriented platform for local artists with unique, underrepresented, and relevant voices. In this effort, we strive to provide a home for artists of all gender identities, cultures, ethnicities, and religions.


The Abrams Claghorn exhibition space has shown over 40 art shows by local, emerging artists since the Gallery opened in 2015.

The Gallery’s thoughtfully planned exhibitions begin with the choice of a broad concept, such as human rights, current events, and issues of identity. These concepts materialize through the selection of artists that represent the ethnic and gender demographics of the Bay Area artist community. In this way, Abrams Claghorn aims to ensure that the undistorted voice of local artists is communicated to the public.


The Abrams Claghorn store features handcrafted items and fine art originals and prints from local artists and makers.

Gallery funding comes completely from store sales. This means that a purchase from Abrams Claghorn not only directly supports artists and craftsmen, but is also what keeps our exhibits on display.

The Abrams Claghorn Gallery is always evolving. Be sure to check back soon and often!


Owner Robert Abrams has been a lifelong resident of the East Bay, minus a few formidable years spent working in his family’s business, Sam Ash Music, located in New York City. In 1993, while still in New York, Abrams began his art practice. He moved back to the Bay Area in 2000 and went on to earn Masters in Fine Art Sculpture in 2007 at Academy of Art University, San Francisco, having previously earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Psychology at UC Berkeley in 1986. He currently shows his artwork at Room Art Gallery in Mill Valley, CA, Turtle & Hare in Downtown Oakland, CA, and exhibits regularly in solo and group shows in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Robert is a part owner of the Potters’ Studio in Berkeley, sits on the Solano Avenue Association board, and teaches at Laney College and at the Mill Valley Potters Studio.