Pamela Blotner: Menacing Beauty

Showing: September 3rd – 30th

Reception: Saturday, September 10th, 5-7pm

Inspired from her own travels around the globe, Pamela Blotner’s Menacing Beauty highlights the artist’s deep belief in land and species’ conservation. Blotner’s early experiences as an illustrator and sculptor for the Houston Zoological Gardens fostered an appreciation for wild spaces that has continued to this day. Blotner has worked and shown with the Human Rights Watch, Physicians For Human Rights, the UC Berkeley Human Rights Center, Art for Conservation and The Leatherback Trust. These social and politically active groups galvanized her personal course through art and activism.

Pamela Blotner’s Menacing Beauty intentionally provokes viewers to question people’s fascination with untamed wilderness. Blotner thoughtfully asks,

Why are we drawn to these aloof creatures and untamed places?

Do they speak to some  lost Eden buried deep in our consciousness?  

Or are we awed by the unfolding spectacle of predator and prey?

This exhibition poses these questions while paying  homage to the Earth’s wild spaces and their hidden splendors because it is only through the desires of people that these lands and animals can be protected.