Paper Mache Sculpture Workshop

with Einat Laudon

Saturday, October 27, 10:30 – 1:30pm

And Saturday, November 3, 10:30 – 12:30pm

$75 + $15 materials fee

Workshop participants will get a 10% discount on any purchase made in the gallery on the day of the workshop.

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Fundamentals & Techniques

In this two part workshop, we will make either an owl or a cat, using Paper Mache sculpting.

You will learn:

How to make a basic armature from a disposable materials such as; news papers, aluminium foil, and masking tape.

From there we will go over the details to create the best paper mache slurry from scratch: toilet paper, two kinds of glue and water!

Then the fun part!  We will cover our armature with a layer of paper mache, and begin giving the animal the fine details with sculpting tools. We will smooth our sculpture with art paste.

Then we will let it dry for one week, and come back to paint it with acrylic paint, an addictive activity for sure!

Each sculpture will look different and have their own unique personality.

We will cover the painted sculpture with varnish to keep it protected.

Then, you will take home you new friend!

Sign up for the workshop here