Raffle in celebration of our One Year Anniversary!


Click the links below to be entered online, or come into the gallery to enter!


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$5 raffle ticket: Spring Colors Glass Bowl and Dish Set: Retail $850

This set is an Abrams Claghorn original design and was created using  Bullseye Glass. Bullseye Glass Resource Center collaborates with a community of artists around the globe to produce quality art glass and promote quality glass art. The company is seriously committed to social responsibility: impacting the environment, communities, and people in positive ways. All glass artworks are made with recycled glass.

1 Large Glass Serving Bowl

4 Circular Dishes

4 Square Dishes


                                          IMG_5492                           IMG_5494                         Enlight1

$1 raffle ticket: Adult- themed Dark Xocolate Bar Basket, Organic & Fairtrade: Retail $160

The Xocolate Bar is a local chocolate shop located in N.Berkeley. Launched in 2006, they quickly grew to success and took home 5 awards (including Best in Show) at the 2007 San Francisco International Chocolate Salon. Recipes are clean and natural; there is no gluten, trans fat, high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors!

Pillow Heart / $20                                                      Kamasutra Figurines / $14

“Life-Size” Penis Chocolate / $20                          Turtle Stuffie by Joona / $12

Large Lady / $25                                                        Bedded Couple / $30

3 Boxed Figures / $8 ea                                           2 Handmade Juniper Soap Bars / $15 ea


The drawing will take place Tuesday, May 3rd. All winners will be notified by phone or email